TROOPS – 6th Tactical Squad

6th tactical Squad – Sgt Marius   The 6th Tactical squad is undermanned. They are equipped with a flamer and razorback and are used as a fast moving shock squad. In Valena, they have become urban warfare veterans. Often the 6th is called upon to move forward and cleanse buildings or support the sternguard and vanguard veterans in clearing bunkers and buildings. Sergeant Marius has a Combi-Flamer and Lightning claw.   IMG_0449    I really like the idea of fast moving, small squads of marines. Now that you don’t need to have ten man squads to get weapons (thanks! finally!) I put this squad together. I figured it would make a great back story for them to have taken casualties without replacements, and formed into urban warfare veterans that are adept at clearing buildings with flame and close quarters tactics.   WIP Update:   IMG_0635


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