TROOPS – 1st Tactical Squad


1st Tactical Squad – Sgt Paulron




First Tactical squad are a plasma squad. They are primarily line holders, like most tactical squads. The first squad adds its plasma cannon and plasma gun to the 9th’s already potent devastator squads. The first sergeant would be called upon to take over command should the cohort’s captain fall.


First Sgt Paulron – Power fist

Plasma Cannon

Plasma Gun



This is one of the only two tactical squads I’ve finished. This one was finished years ago and is the first completed squad, although I found the color a little too brown and fiddled with some parts of some of the armor. I will have to touch those up and just leave them be.


It is very difficult to leave since I know I could paint them better, but if I stripped them and did that, it would A) be nuts, and B) take forever.


I’m just going to keep them as a reminder of how my painting is coming along.







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