HQ – Master of the Forge/ Thunderfire Cannon

This is Techmarine/MotF Eleuvian.





I’ve been working on a Master of the Forge off and on for some time. It is a nice change since he will be painted red to be in line with the chapter designations. Yellow can take so long to complete that it does wear on you after a while.


So he has been a lot of fun to convert since I found a bit of good parts in the ole bitz box around the house. This si one part of the chapter that I would rarely use on the table top. I mean, I really am not jazzed to the point that I want to add him to one of the rare games I play nowadays, but I really like having him for the collection. I will probably stick him in soon, with the Thunderfire Cannon and see how it fairs.




Here is the Thunderfire WIP too. I built this thing from parts and based it off an old GI Joe  toy I had laying around. The top of it is interestingly close looking to a Razorback turret.


IMG_0572 IMG_0572


Here is is a little further along with some base paint


Update: Very far between updates, but here is the progress so far. It just needs a few finishing touches and I’ve enjoyed painting the red armor.



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