Chapter Time-line

AEGIS GUARD: Adeptus Astartes

Tactical 1


051.M41 Founding – Aegis Guard Chapter created from Imperial Fist gene stock. Assigned to Segmentum Pacificus to replace heavy Imperial losses due to Macharian Heresy. Assigned to Tigran sub-sector to help bring stability to the area. Quickly formed alliances/relationships with Imperial commanders and established stability in several contested regions.


099.M41 Establishment – As a fleet based chapter founds many chapter holds on Imperial worlds. Fleet tightly patrols chartered regions, establishing an area of influence which thrives under Aegis Guard protection. Relationships strengthened with many PDF, Imperial Guard, and imperial planetary governors.


121.M41 – Yellow Helix Incident – After cultist uprising is put down,  Inquisitor Guran Asti orders Aegis Guard 2nd Company to execute all Imperial citizens and PDF forces on the small mining planet of Yellow Helix.  Captain Ursar Graesis refuses. Standoff ensues between inquisitorial forces and 2nd company. Chaplain Torias of the Aegis Guard Reclusium intervenes and diffuses the situation. Ursar Graesis agrees to serve a term in the Death Watch, however the Aegis Guard is now under Inquisitorial review.


124.M41  –  Aung – Cultist uprising on the planet Aung put down by the 3rd company with 7th in support. Manufacturing briefly interrupted during the quelling.


124.M41 – Leestran Asteroids – 1st company in support of chapter fleet group, Taskforce Alpha. Running battles and boarding actions with Eldar pirate fleet in asteroid fields. Imperial shipping lanes finally secured after three years of fighting.


125.M41 Orva Rex – 3rd and 9th companies join Imperial Guard regiments fighting in the Orva system. They successfully drive off a traitor force lead by elements of the Black Legion securing the bastion of Orva Rex.



131.M41 –  2nd and 6th companies respond to distress beacon from the Imperial world of Fiona. This mostly agricultural planet has been overrun by ork raiders. The taskforce arrives to find the planet scoured by unknown force. Only ash, ruins, and bodies remain. Ork bodies are found amidst human remains. Fiona is quarantined.



541.M41 Disaster at Gerann – Chapter Master Darius Ixus broadens the chapter’s range of control to incorporate 18 new systems. System of Gerann being overrun by massive ork horde. Ixus sends the 2nd, 4th, 5th, and 6th to deal with the ork assault. An ork fleet hiding in a nearby asteroid field ambushes and destroys most of the imperial forces in orbit. The fleet is scattered and ground taskforce is cut off. A green tide surrounds the imperial forces as they fight a desperate last stand. They hold for over two weeks despite brutal losses. A reinforcement fleet punches through ork lines to evacuate the ground forces. Only a handful of marines of the sixth company and remnants of several imperial guard regiments are evacuated. The chapter is now below half strength.


541.M41 The Reforming – Chapter Master Darius Ixus steps down and departs on a personal crusade into the Maelstrom as penance for the loss. Captain of the First Company, Haidaeus Veras assumes the office of Chapter Master. He realizes the only way for the chapter to function as a fighting force is to form task forces or cohorts instead of companies. He re-organizes the chapter so that veterans, battle brothers, and neophytes (scouts), are formed into balanced groups. The former reserve companies, 7th, 8th, 9th, and the remnants of the 6th; form the core of these new cohorts. The brothers of 1st veteran and 10th scout companies are dispersed into these as well. A massive recruitment campaign begins.


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